Intuitive Eating

Happy Wellness Wednesday! As promised, here’s the infographic on intuitive eating. Other infographics I’ve done in the past similar to this that I think you might also like are Benefits of Drinking Water, Shopping During COVID-19, Let’s Talk About Issues With Body Image, Physical Wellness and Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis In regards to the infographic, IContinue reading “Intuitive Eating”

Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis

(Update: If you liked this infographic, you might also like Intuitive Eating, and some of my older stuff like Physical Wellness, Benefits of Drinking Water, Let’s Talk About Issues With Body Image and Shopping During COVID-19) Happy New Year, in February (I know, I’m sorry). I hope you had a good month of January that just flewContinue reading “Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis”

Exercising During Covid-19

Happy Friday! I’m so sorry for how late in the day I’m posting this. I thought I’d revisit physical wellness again today. Since quarantine began, I’ve changed my workout routine about three times, but my new goal is to stay working out no matter what. Something, anything, is better than nothing. If you liked thisContinue reading “Exercising During Covid-19”

Physical Wellness

(UPDATE: Let me just start by saying how I can’t believe that this only was my second post. Many posts later, there’s another infographic on physical wellness called Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis that I did recently. Check it out if you liked this one. Other posts on physical wellness I’ve done are that IContinue reading “Physical Wellness”