Exercising During Covid-19

Happy Friday! I’m so sorry for how late in the day I’m posting this. I thought I’d revisit physical wellness again today. Since quarantine began, I’ve changed my workout routine about three times, but my new goal is to stay working out no matter what. Something, anything, is better than nothing. If you liked thisContinue reading “Exercising During Covid-19”

Beating The Exercise Rut

Welcome back, I hope you had a good week! If you liked this post, read this other one as well. Physical Wellness Try these tips when you find yourself in a fitness rut. I’ve been in a few myself lately courtesy of The Rona. Don’t wait until Monday to start, these tips are just inContinue reading “Beating The Exercise Rut”

Benefits of Drinking Water

With summer here, and outdoor activities (limited courtesy of COVID-19) being an option again, drinking water and staying hydrated is especially important during this time of the year. A good goal to have when it comes to drinking water, is 2L a day. I’m big into listening to your body when it comes to nutritionContinue reading “Benefits of Drinking Water”

Healthcare without Insurance

In the Physical Wellness post that came out on Monday, routine health check-ups came up as a way of looking after your own physical wellness, and I mentioned that not a lot of people have health insurance to help them pay for doctor visits. I wanted to get into more detail about that. I knowContinue reading “Healthcare without Insurance”

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is showing your body love, not punishing it. Most people have health insurance through their jobs or school (if you’re a student) but not everybody has health insurance. Below are links to articles that explain what options there are if you don’t have health insurance. (None of the websites below are sponsoring me,Continue reading “Physical Wellness”