Lessons Learned in Two Decades Nine Years

Hello there lovely reader! It was my birthday last week Thursday on the 29th (29 on the 29th. (I’m clearly not yet old enough to have an issue with broadcasting my age)) so I thought I’d share the lessons learned in my twenties for my next post. Just an overshare: My first introduction to walkingContinue reading “Lessons Learned in Two Decades Nine Years”

Going Back To School in Your Adult Life: Grad School Edition

Why hello there you, Happy Wellness Wednesday! It feels good to be back posting. I was m.i.a for the past two weeks sorting out some things for school, (the inspiration for this post). I had a different post I’d made last year Going Back To School in Your Adult Life if you want to read thatContinue reading “Going Back To School in Your Adult Life: Grad School Edition”