Benefits of Drinking Water

UPDATE: Hello beautiful people! I just did a post on Intuitive Eating so if you liked this infographic, check that out as well. Other posts I think you might like are Physical Wellness and Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis With summer here, and outdoor activities (limited courtesy of COVID-19) being an option again, drinking waterContinue reading “Benefits of Drinking Water”

Mental Health

Mental health affects you more than you think. You know that, “I hate talking about my feelings,” or “not wanting to let people see you … cry, angry, lash out, depressed, (unstable to sum it up)”? The why of it has to do with mental health. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. MentalContinue reading “Mental Health”

Tips For When You’re Pulled Over By The Police

I skipped ahead a little bit and went into mental health without actually talking about it, but in light of recent events with protests over police brutality, and a spotlight on systemic racism, I thought I’d make something about what to do if you’re pulled over. Being pulled over sucks. Thankfully, I’m blessed to sayContinue reading “Tips For When You’re Pulled Over By The Police”

Healthcare without Insurance

In the Physical Wellness post that came out on Monday, routine health check-ups came up as a way of looking after your own physical wellness, and I mentioned that not a lot of people have health insurance to help them pay for doctor visits. I wanted to get into more detail about that. I knowContinue reading “Healthcare without Insurance”

Physical Wellness

(UPDATE: Let me just start by saying how I can’t believe that this only was my second post. Many posts later, there’s another infographic on physical wellness called Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis that I did recently. Check it out if you liked this one. Other posts on physical wellness I’ve done are that IContinue reading “Physical Wellness”

What is wellness?

Wellness can be defined as more than just your health and actually has to do with your overall state. Mental health, physical health, environmental health, financial health, etc, all come together to make up your wellness. If you care about your health, you already care about part of your wellness. Physical activity and diet aren’tContinue reading “What is wellness?”