Lessons Learned in Two Decades Nine Years

Hello there lovely reader! It was my birthday last week Thursday on the 29th (29 on the 29th. (I’m clearly not yet old enough to have an issue with broadcasting my age)) so I thought I’d share the lessons learned in my twenties for my next post. Just an overshare: My first introduction to walkingContinue reading “Lessons Learned in Two Decades Nine Years”

Going Back To School in Your Adult Life: Grad School Edition

Why hello there you, Happy Wellness Wednesday! It feels good to be back posting. I was m.i.a for the past two weeks sorting out some things for school, (the inspiration for this post). I had a different post I’d made last year Going Back To School in Your Adult Life if you want to read thatContinue reading “Going Back To School in Your Adult Life: Grad School Edition”

Sexual Perception and Shame

Hello you lovely reader, happy Wellness Wednesday! This was inspired by the OnlyFans: Selling Sexy documentary on Hulu. Specifically the part where they cut to an old Hugh Heffner interview (R.I.P) back in 1993 where he’s quoted saying “what sets Playboy apart is the fact that it isn’t just based on skin. It’s an attemptContinue reading “Sexual Perception and Shame”

Cultural Competency Part 2

Happy Wellness Wednesday my good people! I thought I’d revisit cultural competency because of the hate crimes against Asian Americans. Like, are we seriously doing this? This is where we’re at? It was just sad to see on the news. The first post on cultural competency is here (Ways People Fuck Up When it ComesContinue reading “Cultural Competency Part 2”

Intuitive Eating

Happy Wellness Wednesday! As promised, here’s the infographic on intuitive eating. Other infographics I’ve done in the past similar to this that I think you might also like are Benefits of Drinking Water, Shopping During COVID-19, Let’s Talk About Issues With Body Image, Physical Wellness and Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis In regards to the infographic, IContinue reading “Intuitive Eating”

Why To Give To A Cause

Happy Wellness Wednesday! (HEADS UP: Today’s post is longer than usual) This post was inspired by my friend who last year around Valentines, got this idea to talk about ways in which people could give love on his radio show. He hosts a classical music radio show on Sunday’s for a radio station called AsylumContinue reading “Why To Give To A Cause”

Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis

(Update: If you liked this infographic, you might also like Intuitive Eating, and some of my older stuff like Physical Wellness, Benefits of Drinking Water, Let’s Talk About Issues With Body Image and Shopping During COVID-19) Happy New Year, in February (I know, I’m sorry). I hope you had a good month of January that just flewContinue reading “Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis”

For My Single Pringles

(UPDATE: There’s a part two, you can find it here at For My Single Pringles Pt. 2) Just an Overshare: How cliché is this? I’d even made a mental note not to spill the coffee on my book, but evidentially I ignored it and here we are with this picture. It’s not clear because courtesy ofContinue reading “For My Single Pringles”

Time Management

Just an overshare: This is something new I’m starting where I overshare a little something about myself or something I’m going through. Hopefully, I won’t do this often but once in a while something will go through my mind and it wasn’t until recently I realized that I don’t need to be suffering the madnessContinue reading “Time Management”

Game of Will This Shit Matter in A Year

Good morning! It’s been a minute since I’ve worked on putting together an infographic. I’ve never done one like this one before. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I am. Here’s what mine looks like. Happy playing, and I hope whatever you put into the box doesn’t matter as much as youContinue reading “Game of Will This Shit Matter in A Year”