Hi, I’m Paula.

What’s Poppin?

Welltivity is a play on words between wellness + activity. When I interned at the Boys and Girls Club in Clifton NJ, I got to come up with wellness activities for the teen center and that’s how “welltivity” was born. Was it brave of me to be so cheesy among teens? Yes, but to their credit, they were really cool kids so they just rolled with it.

Fast forward to this website. Due to the Covid-19 quarantine, my internship got cut short, *tear* but I still wanted to work with wellness and so, this website was born.

Why the use of Infographics?

They’re fun to make and quick to read.

What’s your background?

I’ve always been big into health, but the specifics are that I have my BA in nutrition and a minor in public health. I’m a certified personal trainer with a fitness nutrition specialization, and I’m currently working on an MS in health informatics.

Last but not leastly

A fun fact about me. I’m a creature of habit. Once I settle into a routine I like, I won’t break that routine for shit. I can eat the same meals, listen to a song on an endless loop, one time in high school my mom had to get me to change my zipper hoodie because I was going to wear it with no end in sight. (My mom also once stuffed a pair of house slippers I had into a brown bag and tried to throw them out with the recycling so I wouldn’t be suspicious. Not sure why I looked in the bag but I did and I was so shocked to find them there. God was on my side.)

So now you know a little bit about me, I’d like to get to know a little bit about you. Feel free to reach out and tell me a little bit about yourself in the contact page, or you can also email me at paula.yourwelltivity@gmail.com

You can find me on Instagram @a_m_paula (I’m not very active on it though)

If you’re ever on Wattpad, I have a fictional story I’m working on. My user name is ampaula92 and it’s called, “If The Dust Never Settles”. Feel free to check it out. It’s not done though. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!



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