Going Back To School in Your Adult Life: Grad School Edition

Why hello there you,

Happy Wellness Wednesday! It feels good to be back posting. I was m.i.a for the past two weeks sorting out some things for school, (the inspiration for this post). I had a different post I’d made last year Going Back To School in Your Adult Life if you want to read that one first, but you don’t have to because they don’t really tie into each other like that. I’m just recommending it because I want you to read it and compare the differences. When I was an undergrad, there was this thing we liked to say, C’s get degrees. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore because when it comes to graduate professors the only letters they seem to know are A, B and F.

Besides that little dig at graduate professors I don’t really have much else to add in regards to the infographic so … moving on to the salad challenge.

Salad Challenge: Here’s my picture of the week before last week’s salad. (Do I even English?) As for last week’s salad, I got it from a place called Chopt. I forgot to take a picture but it was the Mediterranean one with the chickpeas, cauliflower rice, chicken, I forgot what dressing it was, and I’m sure there was more stuff in it that I can’t remember right now but, it was delicious.

If you know how I “salad” you know the previous salads I’ve posted look dry. That’s because I put my toppings over the dressing so that the greens can soak up the dressing while I put the salad toppings together. This salad has, spring mix, potatoes, mince meat (under the potatoes) croutons, an avocado somewhere, Ranch dressing and Siracha hot sauce

I didn’t really have much else to talk about this week, so thank you as always for reading, happy Easter if you celebrate and I’ll see you next time.


Published by Paula

Hi, nice to meet you I'm Paula. I created Your Welltivity because I've been wanting to share what I know about wellness for the longest. I got introduced to wellness through physical fitness and nutrition (my two strongest facets of wellness actually because my background is in these two areas). But over the years, I got into health as a whole and wanted to learn more about everything that intersects to make a person healthy. So I learned that things like your environment, your mental health, etc. all come to play, and I just kept getting deeper and deeper into it because (to put it plainly) this shit's fascinating. I'm no expert though. I'm still learning, and plan to stay learning because there's so much to learn about wellness. While I do that though, I thought I'd share what I do know. Thanks for stopping by to get to learn a little bit about me, email me if you'd like at paula.yourwelltivity@gmail.com, I'd like to hear from you :) Follow Your Welltivity on Instagram @yourwelltivity. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like @a_m_paula Thank you again for your time, have a lovely and blessed day.

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