Intuitive Eating

Happy Wellness Wednesday! As promised, here’s the infographic on intuitive eating. Other infographics I’ve done in the past similar to this that I think you might also like are Benefits of Drinking Water, Shopping During COVID-19, Let’s Talk About Issues With Body Image, Physical Wellness and Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis

In regards to the infographic, I would like to add one more thing. Majority of the time your body will want what’s fuels it, majority of the time. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was going to be healthy from here on out when I started intuitive eating. All this talking to your body, and listening to what your body wants, why would your body ask for something that doesn’t nourish it or, doesn’t do shit for it really? Well, I remember the day my body straight up said, “I could use a drink.” I kept thinking, there’s no way that’s coming from my body. I kept telling myself, I just think want a drink, I don’t really. (I was feeling tense that day). So I kept ignoring it thinking I’d chill eventually.

(Call me crazy, but intuitive eating for me is literally like a conversation with your body. I’ve managed to give talking to yourself a new meaning). I caved and turns out, my body was right. The drink helped a little, but I was shocked for the following reasons. 1. I’m as lightweight as they come. (With what enzymes was my body planning on breaking this drink down. You can’t just borrow enzymes) 2. I was shocked that my body would be on board with blowing off steam with a drink. I honestly thought a tea of some sort would be the go to.

Salad Challenge: If you don’t know what that is, on wellness wednesday I invite you to have a salad with me. Here’s a picture of my salad from last week

Spring mix, mince meat, eggs, potatoes, avocado, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. It looks bleh but it tasted great!

I didn’t start eating it and remember I needed to take a picture of it like I did last week with the pancakes. My salad was just never aesthetically pleasing from the jump. It didn’t feel like modeling for me that day.

To make up for it, here’s an aesthically pleasing picture of some beans I made on the stove the other day.

Came out Mwaah! Beans, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, chilies, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, Worcestershire sauce, a bay leaf, curry paste, sazon, salt, pepper, coconut milk, (a little) water, and butter (a little) (I’ll add Cayenne for a kick next time. I think the chilies retired on me midway because there was no kick at all)

That’s all I got for you this week. Have a fabulous Wellness Wednesday!


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Hi, nice to meet you I'm Paula. I created Your Welltivity because I've been wanting to share what I know about wellness for the longest. I got introduced to wellness through physical fitness and nutrition (my two strongest facets of wellness actually because my background is in these two areas). But over the years, I got into health as a whole and wanted to learn more about everything that intersects to make a person healthy. So I learned that things like your environment, your mental health, etc. all come to play, and I just kept getting deeper and deeper into it because (to put it plainly) this shit's fascinating. I'm no expert though. I'm still learning, and plan to stay learning because there's so much to learn about wellness. While I do that though, I thought I'd share what I do know. Thanks for stopping by to get to learn a little bit about me, email me if you'd like at, I'd like to hear from you :) Follow Your Welltivity on Instagram @yourwelltivity. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like @a_m_paula Thank you again for your time, have a lovely and blessed day.

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