For My Single Pringles Pt. 2

Happy Wellness Wednesday! And, Happy Valentines Day this weekend. To read part 1, you can find it here. For My Single Pringles.

I want to invite you to this challenge I’ve been doing. On Wellness Wednesday, I try and eat a salad for lunch. Not as a side, but as an actual dish. It started out because I was bad at making salads with whatever I’d have for my lunch and would always reach for a bag of chips and so, I did this so that once a week, I’d force myself to have a salad. I’ve gotten better at having my lunches (usually light and easy to make stuff like sandwiches, avocado toast, a slice of leftover pizza) with a side salad but, I thought I’d keep the Wednesday salad just because I’m getting used to it.

So, on Wednesday’s whether as a side or as your main dish, I invite you to have a salad with me.

This was the salad I had last week. It’s hard to see, but besides meatballs, there’s also clementines, apples, peanuts, the greens is spring mix, (I hadn’t added croutons yet) and the dressing was Italian dressing.

Published by Paula

Hi, nice to meet you I'm Paula. I created Your Welltivity because I've been wanting to share what I know about wellness for the longest. I got introduced to wellness through physical fitness and nutrition (my two strongest facets of wellness actually because my background is in these two areas). But over the years, I got into health as a whole and wanted to learn more about everything that intersects to make a person healthy. So I learned that things like your environment, your mental health, etc. all come to play, and I just kept getting deeper and deeper into it because (to put it plainly) this shit's fascinating. I'm no expert though. I'm still learning, and plan to stay learning because there's so much to learn about wellness. While I do that though, I thought I'd share what I do know. Thanks for stopping by to get to learn a little bit about me, email me if you'd like at, I'd like to hear from you :) Follow Your Welltivity on Instagram @yourwelltivity. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like @a_m_paula Thank you again for your time, have a lovely and blessed day.

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