Time Management

Just an overshare: This is something new I’m starting where I overshare a little something about myself or something I’m going through. Hopefully, I won’t do this often but once in a while something will go through my mind and it wasn’t until recently I realized that I don’t need to be suffering the madness of my thoughts alone. That’s what a blog is for. That said … my mind’s been in the gutter lately. I can find a hidden perverted meaning in the most “seemingly innocent” things people say. To the point where while I know it’s me who’s the issue, it’s beginning to blow my mind how people don’t hear the things they say.

That said, my sister’s friend got a new kitten. She asked my sister for advice on how to clean the litter box and my sister in turn asked me. After I explained to her how to clean the litter box, my sister told me that it was her friend who wanted to know how it’s done (mind you, my sister and I both have a cat (the same one), I was at work at the time my sister texted me and she was home. I thought my sister was trying to be helpful but turns out she really was just asking for a friend, and I still wound up cleaning out the litter box when I got home). When my sister tells me the part about her friend getting a cat, I’m thinking to myself, why haven’t I seen this alleged new kitten yet? Who talks about just getting a kitten but doesn’t send pictures? So I start to type “*heart eyes emoji, heart eyes emoji, heart eyes emoji*, ask your friend to send pics of her new kitty.” A wave of pervy-ness washed over me. First off, I’m twelve years older than my sister. Not only did what I type sound super pervy in my already perverted mind, but the age gap made me feel like a creep. I erased the message and this was what I sent instead.

“Who’s Fed? Also, ask them to send a picture of their adorable new kitten pet, *heart eyes emoji*”

The heart eyes emoji was only there to soften the weirdness of how kitten pet sounded, and I think it worked. That or my sister just already thinks I’m hella weird. Fed was also a typo. The cat’s name is Fog and I think the owner was trying to be cute saying, Fog said thank you.

Not to be a hypocrite, I mentioned my cat so here’s a pic of my lovely kitty

Too sleepy to get out of bed but awake enough to still want to roll around in the sheets 🙂

But getting back on track with time management, I don’t really have much else to add. All I can say is I wish you the best and I hope you found it useful. Merry Christmas if you celebrate but if you don’t, still wishing you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Published by Paula

Hi, nice to meet you I'm Paula. I created Your Welltivity because I've been wanting to share what I know about wellness for the longest. I got introduced to wellness through physical fitness and nutrition (my two strongest facets of wellness actually because my background is in these two areas). But over the years, I got into health as a whole and wanted to learn more about everything that intersects to make a person healthy. So I learned that things like your environment, your mental health, etc. all come to play, and I just kept getting deeper and deeper into it because (to put it plainly) this shit's fascinating. I'm no expert though. I'm still learning, and plan to stay learning because there's so much to learn about wellness. While I do that though, I thought I'd share what I do know. Thanks for stopping by to get to learn a little bit about me, email me if you'd like at paula.yourwelltivity@gmail.com, I'd like to hear from you :) Follow Your Welltivity on Instagram @yourwelltivity. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like @a_m_paula Thank you again for your time, have a lovely and blessed day.

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