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Happy Saturday!

Before I start, there’s 38! days left to election day and this is just to remind you to register to vote if you haven’t already. THERE’S DEADLINES TO REGISTER TO VOTE, check with your state what they are and please stay on top of that. Here’s a few helpful links to help you get started:

Secondly, please sign this petition on by Trisha Kehaulani Watson-Sproat TO DELAY filling RBG’s seat in the Supreme Court until after the election. You can find the link to that below:

What a week huh! Sorry for the no show last Sunday. I try and bring you at least two new posts each week but some weeks are harder than others so I don’t always do that. As soon as I can though, I jump right back in like I’m about to do right now.

Friendship burns are a different kind of burn. Unlike in relationships where you’re trying to figure out whether the person you’re trying to get involved with is down for you or not, when it comes to friendships, you already know that they are. Friendship burns blindside you in a way that relationship burns don’t because you go into romantic relationships with doubt, skepticism, taking shit with a grain of salt, because you’re aware that there’s a possibility shit might not work out. When it comes to making friends however, once you click with someone you just roll with it. You don’t question why you clicked, you don’t wonder if you’re imagining things or not. You just dive right in because you’ve made up your mind that the person seems cool. The possibility of shit not working out is far from your mind.

Let me put it another way, when you see fire you know right away that if you touch it, it’ll burn you. When you see a regular glass like the ones you have in your kitchen, you don’t expect it to burn you. I’m using glass as an example because if you’ve taken chemistry at some point in your life, you know that glass looks exactly the same whether it’s hot or cold. Friendship burns are like touching hot glass. You got burned by something you didn’t expect could burn you.

One time, I got burned by someone who was both a “potential bae” and my friend. It was a double whammy. That shit cut so deep because not only did things end on a terrible note romantic wise, but I’d been sure that at the very least, he and I were friends. Learning that we weren’t really drove the nail home.

Comment below what you think, I invite you to share your feedback. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend and see you next time.

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