Ways People Fuck Up When it Comes To Cultural Competency

Happy Friday!

Before I start, there’s 66 days left to election day and this is just to remind you to register to vote if you haven’t already. Here’s a few links to help you get started:



I thought I’d introduce cultural wellness today. It’s my goal to at least touch upon all the dimensions of wellness by the end of the year.

That said, I have a story for you on my experience with cultural competency. My family and I are first generation Kenyan American. In Kenya, or at least my dad’s tribe, when a woman gets married if she takes the mans name, it’s his middle name and not his last name. My last name is Malonza. If I had a brother, his kids last name wouldn’t be Malonza it’d be whatever his middle name was. I’m explaining this because when we going through the naturalization process, there was a lady who decided that I should have my dad’s last name because that’s not how things are done in these here streets of ‘Merrica. For a brief 24 hour period, I was bumped up from being my dad’s daughter to his sister. I tried to boss him around but it didn’t take. I think it had to do with him not taking me seriously because I was the baby of the family.

That’s all I got from my soapbox, have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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Hi, nice to meet you I'm Paula. I created Your Welltivity because I've been wanting to share what I know about wellness for the longest. I got introduced to wellness through physical fitness and nutrition (my two strongest facets of wellness actually because my background is in these two areas). But over the years, I got into health as a whole and wanted to learn more about everything that intersects to make a person healthy. So I learned that things like your environment, your mental health, etc. all come to play, and I just kept getting deeper and deeper into it because (to put it plainly) this shit's fascinating. I'm no expert though. I'm still learning, and plan to stay learning because there's so much to learn about wellness. While I do that though, I thought I'd share what I do know. Thanks for stopping by to get to learn a little bit about me, email me if you'd like at paula.yourwelltivity@gmail.com, I'd like to hear from you :) Follow Your Welltivity on Instagram @yourwelltivity. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like @a_m_paula Thank you again for your time, have a lovely and blessed day.

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