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Your Welltivity is a website that teaches about wellness using infographics to help promote wellness practices among it’s readers. My goal for the readers is that by explaining what wellness means, and by presenting information in a friendly tone and easy to follow along infographics, I’ll challenge the reader to define for themselves what wellness means to them. Thus, teaching wellness, but promoting wholeness.

“Namas-say” I’m really looking forward to this journey with you.

New posts come out every Monday and Friday.

Welcome to Your Welltivity!

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Exercising During Covid-19

Happy Friday! I’m so sorry for how late in the day I’m posting this. I thought I’d revisit physical wellness again today. Since quarantine began, I’ve changed my workout routine about three times, but my new goal is to stay working out no matter what. Something, anything, is better than nothing. If you liked thisContinue reading “Exercising During Covid-19”

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